TVisual testimonies of the passage in the sky of the Chizé meteorite of Mars, the moors, Bordeaux, Saintes, Echillais Niort etc ...
You can consult all the testimonies relating to the fall of this meteorite.

You will be able to realize all its course

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Testimonies on the flight of ...

TVisual testimonies of the passage in the sky of the Chizé meteorite of Mars, the moors, Bordeaux, Saintes, Echillais Niort etc ...
You can consult all the testimonies relating to the fall of this meteorite.

You will be able to realize all its course

Follow this link : http://www.cidehom.com/question.php?_q_id=4488

Testimonies on the flight of the Chizé meteorite from Mars.

thanks to Stéphane JOUIN for his video testimony with his surveillance camera.

Various testimonies speak of the trajectory of the meteorite during its descent on earth.

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tableau astéroïdes année 2012 - 2017 TM79 TC4 VH77 VJ38

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The November 5, 2012, asteroids VH77 and VJ38 cross the earth ...

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The testimonials

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Temoignage n1 meteorite-mars.com

me too last night at 18:40 I saw this big ball of fire I find myself in saintes in charente maritime.

06-11-2012 17:54:08 | Éric

Temoignage n2 meteorite-mars.com

Good evening,
I confirm: observation made from the center of Bordeaux, looking towards ENE at 18:40, downhill racing downhill with a slight slope "from the right to the left" at about 40 ° altitude.

06-11-2012 17:58:37 | Régis

Temoignage n3 meteorite-mars.com

I saw it also between Nantes and Rennes, it was beautiful (a blue / green ball)

06-11-2012 18:34:15 | Eric D

Temoignage n4 meteorite-mars.com

Same, since the Bordeaux ring road.
Like a big fireworks shot horizontally ...

06-11-2012 19:02:19 | sylvain

Temoignage n5 meteorite-mars.com

I saw a meteorite fireball too? or satellite? in the burgundy sky looking towards the North East with a direction similar to that described by Eric.


06-11-2012 19:56:14 | Laurent D

Temoignage n6 meteorite-mars.com

I saw it also when I found myself beside Niort.
It was really impressive.

06-11-2012 21:20:04 | Anne

Temoignage n7 meteorite-mars.com

I saw it also from the north Deux-Sèvres: a white ball that went up in the sky and suddenly exploded like a fireworks

06-11-2012 21:57:05 | thierry

Temoignage n8 meteorite-mars.com

Good evening, seen also on Montlucon, I was directed towards the east and against direction rather south towards north, difficult to say for the altitude, but seen from the ground, I will also say well in the 40 °, that lasted several second, it was beautiful

06-11-2012 22:23:22 | Estelle

Temoignage n9 meteorite-mars.com

Good evening,
Coming home from work tonight at 22:00, at the level of Degagnac in the Lot department, I saw above my car while I drove (so relatively low) a big white light ball that crossed from left to right losing altitude. I was seized with fear. So I go around forums to find another testimony or can be an explanation ...
Good night.

06-11-2012 22:37:10 | Estelle

Temoignage n10 meteorite-mars.com

My previous comment apparently did not work,
So I said to summarize, saw also a white ball of light above my car while I was driving, at Degagnac in the Lot department at 22:00.
This luminous ball was very low (enough to fuck me the scare of my life) and moved losing altitude, I had the impression that it would crash not far away.

06-11-2012 23:04:14 | Nikko

Temoignage n11 meteorite-mars.com

Good evening,

I also witnessed this magnificent fireball over the rooftops of Bordeaux Monday evening at 18h40! Was there any additional information?

06-11-2012 23:29:01 | Pierre

Temoignage n12 meteorite-mars.com

Good evening,

Also seen yesterday evening around 18:30 from pessac (Haut-Lévêque) looking north-east. A sort of orange fireball with a trail that went (approximately) to the north.

07-11-2012 15:05:54 | Lucie Turcotte

Temoignage n13 meteorite-mars.com

We also saw it in Lévis, province of Quebec in Canada, around 9:00 pm. A huge fireball that descended very quietly and illuminated the St. Lawrence River. You could see the smoke snaking like a hair tail, it finally narrowed to disappear completely. Whew, it was really impressive.

07-11-2012 15:48:47 | mathilde34

Same phenomenon observed yesterday around 22h near Montpellier. was it the same?

07-11-2012 18:19:54 | leonie

Temoignage n1 meteorite-mars.com

good evening
I also saw a kind of shooting star passed around 20 pm I can not certified you if it was a fireball or not because it was very fast and very high I live in the loiret

07-11-2012 19:41:21 | muller

Temoignage n16 meteorite-mars.com

I also saw this phenomenon Monday around 18:30 in the gard. can it be the same thing?

07-11-2012 22:26:59 | Bekeur

Temoignage n17 meteorite-mars.com

I come to see a 30 min ago at 21:45 I'm Villefranche sur saone in the 69, she went down and it's off as your description what's this crazy thing?

07-11-2012 23:30:29 | Stéph

Temoignage n18 meteorite-mars.com

Between Toulon and Hyères (Var-83) around 22h20 when returning from work, I saw in the distance (very far) a very bright light seeming to fall from the sky. At the same speed as a shooting star, but with a much more vertical trajectory. Given the speed, I could observe this phenomenon only a few seconds before it disappears on the horizon. Very scary. I prepared to take a Tsunami in full pear. It's 11:28 pm, I'm with my little family and still nothing. Well reassured, but still curious and a little worried.

08-11-2012 09:31:57 | Xavier

Temoignage n19 meteorite-mars.com

I confirm too. 6:37 pm from Toulouse. Duration 3-4 seconds !! Unbelievable. Separation in 3 or 4 pieces in final. Direction NE my opinion.

08-11-2012 20:17:30 | marilyne

Temoignage n20 meteorite-mars.com

Good evening I also confirm to have seen a luminous ball go down vertically enough it was about 18h50 I live in the dormouse and expensive and I saw it in west orientation and this the 07 / November 2012

09-11-2012 23:39:22 | Alexandre

Temoignage n21 meteorite-mars.com

Good evening,
Ditto for me too, I observed this meteor or car when I looked through my bay window. Living in Bordeaux, I was surprised by this thing that was of a luminous glow as the twilight was outlined on the city, to the point that it was said that it was daylight!
It seemed that the meteor was heading south / north, so coming to die over our heads taking a plunging trajectory. Entering the atmosphere, he left behind a white trail drawing a small tail and dragged became green, it was also really beautiful!
Last detail too, before it disappears from my field of view masked by the two buildings of the administrative city of Bordeaux, I saw that it disintegrated into several small pieces and I even thought that these small pieces would fall somewhere in the surrounding neighborhoods. But according to your numerous testimonies, I see that my vision is very misleading and that in the end the phenomenon has been observed on a very wide radius, several hundreds of kilometers according to the calculation that I make.

10-11-2012 18:20:30 | Katherine

Temoignage n22 meteorite-mars.com

On November 9th around 5:00 pm at roxton Pond Quebec ... Me and my son saw a bright white light 3-4 times the size of a star and with a drag ... go down vertically ... its duration about 25 sec. and after nothing!

11-11-2012 12:11:02 | Emmanuelle

Temoignage n2 meteorite-mars.com

Observation made since the Charente-Maritime, village of Echillais while I rolled towards the east: November 05 at 18h40 or 45, a big ball of light followed by a long train of fire, crossed the sky of south to the north, 3/4 of the horizon, with a slant of destination slightly inclined towards the Earth. Very important speed (a plane was blinking at the same time very high in the sky, which gave a blatant comparison of speed). At first, behind a low cloud cover. She finally passed under the clouds, so perfectly visible, where she almost immediately broke up into sparks and disappeared. Duration 3-4 seconds.
Very impressive phenomenon which I would like to know the origin.

14-11-2012 00:57:18 | julien

Temoignage n24 meteorite-mars.com

Good evening,
I attended a similar phenomenon today at 5:45 pm in downtown Toulouse; a long run of fire for about 2 seconds then volatilises completely.
Intrigued, it is by searching on the net that I found your forum ... To follow!

21-11-2012 12:53:52 | BOUVIER

Temoignage n25 meteorite-mars.com

I saw the 20 November 2012 at 4 am a big fireball descending from the sky in the region of Isere (Thodure) it was beautiful I think a meteorite.
Worried I listened to the radio if he would say no news or on television? DO YOU HAVE ANY INFO ABOUT THIS FIRE BALL?

22-11-2012 08:59:49 | Kalameon

Temoignage n26 meteorite-mars.com

Observed on the entire hemisphere, from Quebec City to Bordeaux and for nearly 15 days, this fireball is a strange phenomenon: it smells of the military prototype, the collective hysteria, or the end of the world (ah no, it's 12/12/12).

30-11-2012 18:35:41 | Nathalie

Temoignage n27 meteorite-mars.com

We were also 2 to see fireball 1 hour apart, near Boulogne sur mer evening of November 15, 2012. It was amazing

06-12-2012 16:58:30 | franck

I seem to have observed the same phenomenon on 12/12/12 in Poitiers (86) around 21h20 ... ^^ impressive!

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